VFS's Featured Charity

Each year VFS support and sponsor a worthwhile charity, usually that holds some connection with the company as a whole or an individual employee.

We are proud and privileged to announce that this year the dedicated people at the Anthony Knights Foundation, established in February 2015 as a charitable organisation set up to raise funds in order to help and support local charities, have graciously accepted our support.

How to Donate

To make a donation to this really worth while cause, please contact the Charity directly.

Information can be found at www.http://theknightsfoundation.org/

The Anthony Knights Foundation Trust
Registered in England and Wales,
Charity registration number 1160417

About The Knights Foundation

The Anthony Knights Foundation Trust offer gifts and help to carers and families managing disabilities throughout their everyday life. These gifts are those of aids which can help those with managing a disability, which in some cases allows them to maintain a certain level of independence and respite services and facilities from carers to holidays and support for social activities. It is also the aim of the Trust to know more about these carers and what we can provide to support them in their role. This support is also offered to those who may be restricted from having a good or happy life.

The ultimate aim is to build and maintain an eco friendly, sustainable property along the South coast, which is amenable for those with restricted abilities, to enjoy stress free family holidays and have the use of a facility, free of charge, to allow them to do this. This will be our gift to them as they deserve it.