About Us



At VFS, our focus is on giving our customers confidence – confidence in the quality of our products, confidence in our team, confidence in our process, and confidence in our ability to deliver.

What’s more, we like to work as partners with our customers – building cost effectiveness and service excellence into the foundations of what we do and working alongside you to ensure the very best business relationships for the long term.

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Our mission is to provide exceptional product to our customers, whilst at the same time ensuring superb service and professionalism at all times.

Not only do we use cutting edge technology to bring the very best quality to our vehicles, but we ensure our team inspires confidence in our customers, so that we continue to be their first choice for vehicle conversion – consistently providing the best product, at the right price, on time, every time. With continuous innovation and investment, we will continue to ensure that our clients experience a level of commitment that goes way beyond their expectations. 


At VFS we supply best in class commercial bodywork to hundreds of customers across the UK. We are trusted partners and suppliers of OEM bodywork to Ford, Mercedes Benz, Vauxhall, VW, Renault, Nissan and Fiat and our direct customers include fleet operators, car dealerships, local councils and public sector organisations.

With all these customers we have a reputation for unbeatable product quality, combined with the kind of service flexibility and cost-effectiveness that is only enabled by truly extensive production reach.

As part of the global FAIST Group we share our design and manufacture process with Scattolini SpA in Verona, Italy. The leading European manufacturer of truck bodies and equipment, Scattolini produces more than 200 vehicle bodies every day.

It is this relationship with Scattolini that gives us access to innovative materials, advanced robotic manufacturing technologies, cutting edge research and development, and best in class safety testing, and therefore enables our customers to have complete confidence in us.

Our manufacturing facilities total some 150,000 sq ft, which means we can accommodate absolutely any size order, in the quickest time, and our UK hubs in both Southampton and Wakefield guarantee the most extensive UK reach and cost effective logistics.

For OEM partners, VFS have a proven track record in providing niche and mainstream multi-stage builds. As an ISO/TS 16949 Quality accredited supplier, VFS is one of the few UK supplier complying with the automotive industry QS9000 quality standard for tier 1 suppliers.


VFS implement a policy of obtaining European Approval as opposed to National, ensuring volume limits imposed by the National scheme are avoided. For low volume bespoke vehicles not covered by European or National approvals, Individual Vehicle Approval’s (IVA) are performed at a local VOSA facility.

All VFS models including any optional equipment fitted in scope of WVTA (Whole Vehicle Type-Approval), are certified to 2007/46/EC – the framework directive for WVTA – implemented into law by all member states.

In addition to vehicle approval, VFS have Conformity of Production (CoP) mandatory for all manufacturers wishing to achieve Whole Vehicle Type Approval, the unique position VFS have as the only LCV converter having TS16949 along with ISO 9001 and Ford QVM demonstrate VFS’s commitment to Quality which is the cornerstone of the Type Approval process.