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Tipper – Excalibur

The VFS Excalibur Tipper is designed to be robust and durable, offering operators an affordable solution for contract hire and rental.

The Excalibur prioritises robustness and affordability and is now available with a vast range of options including matching steel Tool-Pod providing secure tool storage on an otherwise vulnerable open body.

VFS offers an impressive range of Excalibur essential ‘turn-key’ equipment, delivering a true ‘work ready’ product – Tail-lifts, Cages, Cranes, Tow-bars, Beacons, Reverse Cameras, Chapter 8 etc.

For tipper Excalibur spares, go to VFS Parts.

Excalibur is available on most 3.5t Light Commercial Vehicle (LCV) chassis with following details and options:

  • All steel construction
  • Underfloor ram
  • Cam Latch side board retention
  • Remote lower Tail board release (tip-thru)
  • Hot dipped galvanised Z140 spec.
  • High flow/high pressure
  • 2kw electro-hydraulic power pack
  • Pendant hand controller
  • Battery Isolation switch
  • Maintenance free pivot bearings
  • 6 EN 12642 XL & DIN 75410-1 compliant floor mounted load anchorages
  • 8 sheeting hooks
  • Dual mode (tip-over/tip-thru) tailboard
  • Remote tailboard release (tip-thru)
  • Flush over-centre steel latch’s
  • Integral body prop
  • Half round thermoplastic mudwings
  • Full range of optional equipment
  • Optional ‘Utility Cab’ variants of Crew Cab models
  • Optional ‘Tool-Pod’ variants


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The wide range of Tipper options ensure the standard product can be ‘tailored’ to suit specific fleet requirements providing a true ‘turn-key’ product.