VFS / Dropside


The new VFS Dropside (known as Euro Dropside or Float) is lightweight and functional using High Strength Steel technology and robotic assembly; consistent quality at a competitive price.

Considerable advances made in materials technology and design methods using the latest CAD platforms and simulation techniques have provided tangible benefits in design and quality. Using the latest simulation techniques, the torsional resistance of body structure in relation to chassis and load dynamics is fine-tuned to provide the greatest strength at the lowest weight, impossible to achieve without this technology. The VFS Euro Dropside is the result of countless hours of simulations and stress analysis, finally proven at the OEM’s test tracks and facilities throughout UK and Europe commercial van market.

Designed to meet and exceed the latest EN (European Standards) and DIN standards  (Deutsches Institut für Normung) for structural strength and load security, the VFS Euro Dropside has class leading payload and long term durability – essential in the competitive 3.5t segment.

The VFS Dropside with  six latch design and rear corner pillars has an extensive range of options including Tail-Lifts, Cages, Cranes and tow-bars including a vast range of industry specific electrical equipment and safety packages – Working at Height and Chapter 8 for example.


The wide range of Dropside options ensure the standard product can be ‘tailored’ to suit specific fleet requirements providing a true ‘turn-key’ product.