Tipper – Bison

Tipper – Bison

The VFS BISON Tipper sets the benchmark for the entire industry with an outstanding design using High Strength Steels for improved payload.

The robotically assembled platform ensures a consistent high quality product, designed from the outset for durability whilst offering operators a full feature set in an affordable package, now available from VFS on most 3.5t Light Commercial Vehicle (LCV) chassis and above.

With the ever increasing weight of the chassis driven by Chassis Manufacturers compliance with EU directives, the unladen weight of the vehicle and its resultant Payload are now a major industry issue.

Using new material technologies an average 100kg weigh saving can be realised with the use of high strength Boron Steels to maintain a competitive payload without compromising durability and robustness demanded by Tipper operators.

In addition Advances in coated steel technologies ensure a corrosion resistant finish with a full 3 year corrosion warranty. The three stage anti-corrosion process protecting the steels are:

  • Hot dipped zinc Z140 spec
  • Primer
  • Durable high build powder coat finish

All VFS Bison models feature a hard chrome multistage direct acting underfloor ram powered by a high flow/high pressure hydraulic power pack ensuring a guaranteed lift every time. All components of the BIOSON Tipper are fully serviceable ensuring straightforward repair and are available on our VFS Part website.

The hot dipped zinc special corrosion resistant steels and a powder coat finish provide a tough finish that lasts long.

All Tipper BISON N2 (above 3.5t GVM variants) have steel boards as standard, optional on Tipper BISON N1 (up to 3.5t GVM variants). VFS BISON boards are finished to match the cab colour or choose from a wide range of optional Tu-Tone colour schemes and corporate liveries.

An impressive range of essential ‘turn-key’ equipment is available for BISON Tippers, delivering a true ‘work ready’ product – Tail-lifts, Cages, Cranes, Tow-bars, Beacons, Reverse Cameras, Chapter 8 etc. – please review the Tipper options tab and gallery pages.

Bison Tippers are also known as Free Market tippers, it means end user can order Bison Tipper body for a plane chassis vehicle.

Bison Tipper spares parts are available on our VFS Parts and Aftersales website.


Tipper, Excalibur


Ford, Mercedes


The wide range of BISON options ensure the standard product can be ‘tailored’ to suit specific fleet requirements providing a true ‘turn-key’ product.